Traffic Cones & Safety Barriers

Stay in control of road and pedestrian traffic with our traffic management solutions

At Saltem, we offer a comprehensive range of traffic control equipment that is designed to ensure the safety and security of road users, pedestrians and vehicle drivers. We use heras fencing, crowd control barriers, parking cones and quality signage using CAD drawings to suit your business requirements and needs. 

With our traffic management tools, we are able to widen the footways along the lengths of the road, particularly outside shops and transport hubs. This is to provide adequate space for people to queue and keep to the social distancing rules. Using our own cones and barriers we can design layouts that meet your needs.

Whether your business is on a High St, adjacent to a parade of shops, an out of town shopping centre or a car park at a tourist attraction/county park, we have the experience and equipment to assist you in helping the public adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Fencing: Temporary heras fencing is used to keep properties and construction sites secure and prevent any trespassing. Our heras fencing is one of the temporary fencing types that is used that is extremely lightweight and quick and easy to install, allowing full security and protection on sites and at events. 

Safety Barriers: Whether you are looking for crowd control barriers or are after stronger safety barriers to allow a higher level of security, we have everything you need. No matter the event, we can provide barriers that will be fit for purpose.

Traffic cones: With over 2000 No Parking cones in stock we can easily coordinate roadside safety and also rapidly suspend on-street parking where necessary.

As we stock our own equipment, we can provide signs, cones, fencing, crowd control barriers and HVM at very short notice. Plus all our traffic control products are compliant with the latest government advice, so you can rest assured you will always meet the required regulations.

Contact us today if you’d like to hire any of our fencing, barriers or parking cones.